It happened last Thursday.

On my birthday.

The weather was unusually nice.

No rain.

Seen a rainbow on the road to Ennis.

We parked by the quay.

Made our usual round.

Of chores and coffees.

Then back to finish at the Simon Communities Charity Shop.

My husband broke a plate at the cottage the day before.

So, I browsed the china section in the back.

A vivid coloured plate jumped out to me.

With Heidi Klum’s signature.

We bought a wooden buffet plate forming a fish, too.

Then while my hubby paid at the checkout.

I still browsed the jewelry.

Looking for a scarf pin.

The lady at the counter told me: “You can have those two on top.”

She didn’t even know it was my birthday.

The next day was horrible.

By Friday it was all too clear.

We won’t get the two overdue invoices paid that week.

Which meant we’ll be running super low on cash.

So we cannot save an embarrassing discussion with our landlord.

To ask for patience for 4-5 days with the rent.

We were in a frenzy over the weekend.

Trying to figure out alternative ways.

To get some money flow in quick.

I looked up the Heidi Klum China we bought.

Just to see what it is.

And my jaws dropped.

You can get it for GBP 72.

Ok that’s the new price.

In an original box.

But the same numbered Churchill china plate.

My first idea was to sell it on straight.

Yet I had a problem with that.

It would make me feel taking advantage on the charity shop.

Then came the idea of an online charity auction.

With split pot.

In a way similar to how every village around the Emerald Island has a local charity lotto.

Where Fortuna lends a hand to a winner.

And there is a preset way to split the pot.

My husband launched into an elaborate research.

As Ebay turned out to be too not working for a split charity auction.

And found the solution.

Do you believe homelessness is a serious issue in Ireland now?

Bid, share, spread the word.

Thanks a million,


P.S. It took some time but now the auction is live.

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